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What is it?

As per research and results in South Korea and Japan it is found that testing and isolating patients is key to stopping COVID19 Pandemic.The Ambulance drone is made to deliver Precise, safe COVID-19 Medical test Kit to remote rural and urban areas within minutes. Reducing risk of Doctor’s and police officers chance of getting infected and also making the Infected patient stay home and get the test done.

The drone can also carry small compact test kits such as the one from Abott that can deliver results in 2 hours.

The Problem

After Getting Massive Data of the last 3 Months from 204 Territories, it is clearly proven that isolating citizens of a community from restrictions of movement by self-quarantine / mass-quarantine can help control COVID-19 to a great extent in its first to stages. [].

But it is also found that the patients can also self-evaluate themselves from their homes. ( ).

When someone comes to perform a clinical test at Hospital, the entire hospital staff as well as the person who accompanies (police/family member) is prone to the virus. (

About the solution

The Ambulance Drone can significantly reduce the risk of doctors and other people being prone to the COVID-19 patients, as they do not have to move out of the Home

The (ambulance drone)s will carry small boxes with swabs for COVID19 testing. The patients will perform the sample taking process by themselves. The swab will be kept back into the box. The box will be attached to the drone which will go to different locations. With the small size of the drone and the self-test method the drone can go to several locations and do upto 25 tests in one flight.

Research also says that if it takes more time for delivery of swabs, the pathogen may die, resulting in incorrect results. Video  With the necessity of fast transport only drones but no other traditional method can help.

The drone will have the capability to automatically navigate from point A to B without human intervention. (Although monitoring may be necessary).

How it will work

  1. Contact the Helpline No. or else submit your Aadhar Card details on <web>
  2. The nearest authorized Hospital Services will deploy Ambulance Drone to the Patients current location 
  3. The Ambulance Drone will carry the testing kits to several locations where each patient does the self-test.
Picture of concept web-app
Confirmation Page

Early Demo

This is an earlier concept video of Ambulance Drone being used to help heart attack patients. In the case it carried Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Drone Concept Video

AED info – Our Original !dea || Other Uses

Introduction – The Ambulance drone is made to make health care services more faster. With 30 Km/h the Ambulance drone can reach the victim’s home 5km away within <5 minutes. As compared to a normal ambulance which takes 12-15 minutes . Because the ambulance cannot take a straight path to your home and has to go at a decided route but the ambulance drone can just fly straight to your home with the help of global positioning system(GPS).The Ambulance drone gives a range of 4-5.6km. The Drone will not carry the patient but will have Defibrillator (AUTOMATIC EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR) .As per an article ( most people die before the ambulance arrives in a heart attack only 8 – 10.3% are able to survive. So with the help of ambulance drones we can increase the life expectancy during heart attacks from 8% to 80%. Because a study says that if a high quality CPR is immediately provided which can only be given by defibrillator. The person can survive the heart attack.

How it will work :- So when the person near the victim will call for Help via the ( )the ambulance drone will reach its destination. And will have an intelligent communication system. And the communication system will instruct him to open the lid outside on the drone to get access to electric pads equipped with a heart rate sensor which will automatically give defibrillation to the patient according to his heart beat.

The drone will also carry Medical kit. The drone will also have an Air pumping unit which will take the atmospheric air and pump into the patient’s mouth via a mask so the high speed will try to restart the patient’s respiration cycle again. At the same time defibrillation will also be given. 

Note: Patent Pending…

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