Automatic Plant Watering System

Automatic Plant Watering System

Aabhas & Vimarsh
Zydus School for Excellence



Taking care of Plants when we are not at home is a major concern for all the plant lovers. Instead of buying all costly watering system that waters at particular time interval ; we here present a system that checks your soil moisture level and accordingly pumps water to your plants.


  1. To keep the soil moisture appropriate to plant’s requirement.
  2. No need to worry of plant’s wilting when no one’s there to water your plants.


This system uses a soil moisture sensor to check the water level in the soil and if it decreases it turns on a water pump that’s connected to a source of water. This system is very cheap and is able to work almost all the time. So you can be tension free when you are out as your plants are getting their required supply of water regularly.

For, schematic of project click here


For, other demonstrations click here

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