Happy Birthday Dada

On your 77th birthday I would like to wish you a very happy and cheerful birthday.

Over the years you have helped me a lot, guided me and supported me whenever needed. Since my childhood you have always cared for me and taken a good care of me. You have taught me several moral lessons and helped me incorporate them in my life. Along with that you have supported me in many ways (especially travelling to Mumbai to help me in the MakerMela event).

I am grateful for all of that.

Whenever I am not feeling good, you have supported me. Sometimes you will oppose everyone to support me. I am highly indebted by it.

Whenever I was in tough times, when I was small you have taken a lot of care of me. I remember, when I was very small you would take me outside past midnight as I would not sleep.

Thank you for all your support.

I remember when I was very young, at that time itself you had taught me multiplication, division and high level addition & subtraction that was not taught in the school. You made me discover my passion for Maths and Science through those newspaper article writings and ‘sums’.

Hopefully, now you will agree with all of us to work from home and also support Ba and spend some more time in spiritual activities.

You habit of walking daily and keeping calm is really inspiring and I wish to incorporate in my life. Your dedication for work and the ‘Will Power’ is extremely powerful and you have shown several times that you can do what you want to do.

That inspires me a lot.

On this તિથિ પ્રમાણે as well as according to Gregorian calendar, again wish you a very happy birthday.

Dated: 29th of March, 2020

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