These are some of my good projects (published on different platforms) (links are there):-

Monitoring Industries Using IOT || The project aims to monitor the factories and getting the information on your smartphone or other devices using IOT. Link

Smart Agriculture: Plant Watering and Field Monitoring System || Smart Agriculture is a project to make farming and gardening more smart and effective. Link

Weather Station (Standard) || This project will show you my weather station, how I built it, how effective it is, how does it work and other stuff related to the project. Link

Waterproof Temperature Sensor on IOT || In this project I show how to interface DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor with your Arduino and using ESP8266 to send the data to Blynk Server. Then, you will see how to send emails based on different conditions… Link

Using GeoLocation || In this project, I show you how to get a GPS location using google’s Geolocation API. Just a WiFi connected device is enough for this build. Link

Wall Following Robot || A robot that follows walls using InfraRed Sensors. Link

ESP32 Composite Video Output || Many projects of using ESP32 to display stuff on Televisions over Analog Signals. Link

Controlling Devices using Google Assistant || This Project just shows how to control devices with Google Assistant. Link

Smart Agriculture: A robot that does it all || Submission for Google Science Fair 2018 This is an update to the original project related to the topic. With more features and more beneficiary. Link

Helping Alzheimer’s Patients with tech || A wearable device that can detect vibrations which are not normal and can lead to fatal cardiac injury to Alzheimer’s patients and notifies on a device (smartphone) and calls emergency contact/services. Link

Smart Irrigation || A sort of simple IOT plant watering system which also monitors and decides based on temperature. Link

Automating Industries || Part 2 of the original project, with CAN bus, more Gas Sensors, MQTT and more. The project won the grand price in Auto Hacks and Beyond on E14. Link

Smart Gardening || A project which uses FPGA (Vidor 4000) to get reading and water the plants. The project is connected to the internet and the data is displayed on an HDMI monitor. Link

Monitoring Dump || This project monitors landfills and collects and stores the data and displays it in an interactive way. It prevents fires in some areas in Landfills by detecting and alerting the citizens. Link

Superintend Oceans || This project measures the speed and acceleration of Tsunamis and also keeps an eye on other movements in the ocean. Link

Being Lazy – Home Automation || This is a home automation project where there is your own assistant that controls your house and makes you more “Lazy”. Link

Vidor Clock – Powered by FPGA || For the project, I thought of making a digital clock- which shows time in analog format and it will also show the date and other information. This will test out my trigonometry skills as well as it can use the internet. Link

Weather Station that lasts months! || A project that uses highly efficient hardware and code to make a weather station that doesn’t need recharging for a long time and uses renewable energy. Link

Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection) (on a Robot) || A prototype robot car, project to make a fully self driving car. Currently car follows lanes. Link

SoundFi – Transmitting Data UsingSound (Ultrasonic Sound) || In this project I transmit weather data from one station to another via ultrasound and upon receiving send it to cloud (Blynk App) Link

Trying out the Arduino IoT Cloud || Well documented project from getting started with Arduino IoT Cloud and controlling an LED securely from the cloud. Link

The 20 second hand wash Link

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